LITTLE STEVEN and DISCIPLES of SOUL – ” Tucson Train ” Live

Posted: November 14, 2019 in MUSIC
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Steven Tucson Train single

Bruce Springsteen released hisWestern Stars album in June, and in September, Little Steven Van Zandt became the first E Street Band member to perform one of its songs, live, singing “Tucson Train” at a show with his Disciples of Soul band at Tucson’s Rialto Theatre. Van Zandt and the Disciples of Soul have performed the song at other shows since then, too, and have now released a live version as a single. You can listen to it below.

It’s a somewhat different interpretation of the song from Springsteen’s. While “Tucson Train” is one of the most optimistic songs on Western Stars, Springsteen still sounds a bit world-weary and restrained on it. Buoyed by his big Disciples of Soul band, and especially its powerful horn section, Van Zandt’s version is more exuberant.

Springsteen released “Tucson Train” on his 2019 album, Western Stars. It was also released as the album’s second single, two weeks before the album itself came out.

“Tucson Train” is No. 14 on’s list of the Top 70 Springsteen songs of the last 30 years (the second highest-ranking Western Stars song, after “Moonlight Motel”.

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