CLOCK OPERA – ” Carousel “

Posted: November 14, 2019 in MUSIC
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Clock Opera have always been a bit different from the norm. Slightly more cerebral, perhaps, or even literate, their book smart odd-pop has resulted in two fantastic studio albums.

Along the way, though, the band’s Guy Connelly has been working on a variety of different theatrical projects, producing full scores for a number of productions. For the last ten years, almost exactly the length of time our band has been going, I’ve been writing scores for theatre and dance. It’s been a continual eye-opener. I make about three or four shows a year, on average and each new project has a new set of collaborators, different subject and requirement from sound and music.

Some things I’ve made have fed into the band, some not. But it’s certainly kept my creativity fresh. The opportunity to respond, write and have music performed in a matter of weeks is a stark contrast from the years it can take from writing a song to releasing on an album. So I’m sure this process has kept my mind from exploding with impatience on countless occasions.

With a new Clock Opera album on the way, Guy wanted to discuss this a bit more, opening up another side to his – and the band’s – creativity.


New single released via League Of Imaginary Nations / !K7 Collective on November 1st 2019. Forthcoming third album ‘Carousel’ to be released February 7th 2020.

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