SORRY – ” Right Round The Clock “

Posted: November 9, 2019 in MUSIC
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Sorry - Right Round The Clock

London-based outfit Sorry take a look at some of the things that send us into a head spin in their stunning new track, “Right Round The Clock.” It’s the first offering from their freshly announced debut album 925which arrives next year. The project, steered by Asha Lorenz and Louis O’Bryen and accompanied by drummer Lincoln Barrett and bassist Campbell Baum, launches deep into how grand aspirations and the need to feel wanted can trap us in a whirling cycle of aimless direction. Lorenz and O’Bryen’s straightforward, matter-of-fact delivery acts as a nice companion to the swaying, eccentric production that bounces in the background. As the duo announces in unison “I’m feeling kinda crazy / I’m feeling kinda mad / The dreams in which we’re famous are the best I’ve ever had,” you can feel their yearning to manifest something real and significant. This idea is further amplified in the music video for the single, directed by Lorenz and regular collaborator Jasper Cable-Alexander. While we try and maneuver through our individual realities, one thing is certain:

Sorry is a creative force to keep an eye on. 925 is set to release in the spring of 2020 via Domino.

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