HAZEL ENGLISH – ” Shaking “

Posted: November 8, 2019 in MUSIC

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We haven’t heard any new music from Hazel English since way back in 2017, when Hazel emerged with her frankly stunning pair of EP’s Just Give In and Never Going Home. With the promise of more to come in the none-too-distant future, Hazel has this week shared a brand new single, Shaking, alongside it’s suitably hazy video.

It gives me great pleasure to let you know that Shaking is now out in the world! Shaking is a song about power, seduction and the promise of spiritual awakening. It’s the dream that precedes wake, where you wake up in the dream and think you’re living in reality but you’re actually still asleep.

While Hazel’s previous material tended towards the glistening chill of dream-pop, on Shaking everything seems to have taken a good spell out in the sunshine. With layered percussion, slinky guitar-lines and warm, multi-tracked vocals, this is the sound of California in the 1960’s, delivered in glorious technicolor. Lyrically, as the lyrics themselves state,“this is an awakening”, as Hazel explains, “I feel like I’m on this continual journey of figuring out what I truly believe and separating it from the false and toxic ideas I was taught about myself and the world throughout my life”. A voyage of self-discovery for Hazel, and one we can’t wait to take with her, leave everything you know at the door and follow the music wherever it takes you.

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