VIVIAN GIRLS – ” Memory “

Posted: September 23, 2019 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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In 2011, Vivian Girls were written off by the only indie music outlet that mattered. Of their third and thought-to-be final album Share the Joy (the band officially broke up in January 2014), Pitchfork wrote that it was “more admirable for its willingness to stretch than its execution.” They called singer and guitarist Cassie Ramone’s riffs “flat and stiff as dry spaghetti,” and declared that “there are an increasing number of bands beating Vivian Girls at their own game.” Prior to that dissertation, Pitchfork had awarded Vivian Girls’ self-titled debut album Best New Music and ranked it sixteenth on their 50 Best Albums of 2008 list.

Now, after a five-year break, Vivian Girls are back with one of this year’s most consistent rock records. From the opening bars on “Most of All,” the first track on new album Memory, it’s clear the band had nothing to prove at all. Memory picks up where the trio left off in 2011, drenching sweet, bubblegum melodies in distortion and reverb. This time, though, the band is tighter than ever. The lo-fi quality of their early records has been replaced by a slick studio polish. Bassist Katy Goodman says they wanted Memory to sound like “three people playing the songs as hard and fast as they could together, like a tight power trio.”

The dream-pop heavyweights Vivian Girls came out of the woodwork earlier this summer to announce their first new album in eight years. Memory marks the band’s first return to performing as a trio since parting ways in 2014, and welcomes back their core lineup of vocalist-bassist Katy Goodman, vocalist-guitarist Cassie Ramone and drummer Ali Koehler. Described as an album filled with personal reflections on toxic relationships, mental health struggles and accepting oneself, Memory captures a sense of desperation and longing and the “trademark mystery that set the band apart during its first incarnation,” per a press release.

The new album  from Vivian Girls’ new full length album, Memory, out September 20th, 2019.

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