NICK CAVE and the BAD SEEDS – ” Ghosteen “

Posted: September 23, 2019 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Ghosteen album artwork nick cave

A new album from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds is coming soon, really soon. Entitled “Ghosteen, it’s due out next week. Cave announced the release on his website The Red Hand Files, where he answers fan-submitted questions. In response to a fan who asked about a timetable for the band’s next album, Cave responded, “You can expect a new album next week.”

He went on to reveal that Ghosteen will be a double album consisting of 10 songs. Part one comprises eight songs about “children”. The second part is about “their parents” and consists of “two long songs linked by a spoken word piece.” “Ghosteen is a migrating spirit,” Cave added. The Bad Seeds have been hard at work on the follow-up to their acclaimed 2016 album ‘Skeleton Tree’ for some time now. During an event in Melbourne earlier this year, the frontman gave fans an update on their progress, saying he was “very, very excited about it” and that the band would soon be wrapping up the record.

In 2015, Cave’s 15-year-old son, Arthur, died after falling from a cliff in Brighton, UK. The band’s ensuing album, 2016’s Skeleton Tree, was heavily inspired by Arthur’s death, and it appears the same can be said about Ghosteen.

Cave’s wife, Susie Bick, previously said her husband’s new album were “his Fever Songs.” She explained that the songs stemmed from “an autumn flu” which produced “lucid fever dreams.”For the last year, The Bad Seeds‘ frontman has shunned conventional media interviews and focussed instead on answering questions from fans via his website The Red Hand Files. Responding to all manner of matters concerning the death of his son Arthur, inspiration, morality in rock, the “cultural sea change” facing women and his stance on the cultural boycott against Israel, Cave has been disarmingly open and honest with fans and their questions.

Nick Cave – vocals, piano, synthesizer, backing vocal
Warren Ellis – synthesizer, loops, flute, violin, piano, backing vocals
Thomas Wydler – drums
Martyn Casey – bass
Jim Sclavunos – vibraphone, percussion
George Vjestica – guitar

In related news, Cave just kicked off the latest North American leg of his “Conversations Tour”.

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