GIANT SAND – ” Recounting The Ballads Of Thin Line Men “

Posted: September 22, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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If you’re not sold based on album title alone allow us a moment to convince you of the genius of Howe Gelb’s latest. And indeed his work to date. Never a dull moment, in this lifetime he has flirted with flamenco, adventured into Americana and gone for it with gospel choirs. The result is a back catalogue packed with great ideas, and inspiration for more great ideas. Enter Giant Sand, where artist dons disguise and revisits his old classics to make them fresh and different. Here Gelb, or Giant Sand, takes on the second Gelb album, “The Ballad Of Thin Line Man”. First released in 1986, when New Hollywood was kicking Reaganite attitudes to the curb in favour of modern high plains drifters influenced by the preceding LSD decades, that same ethic is here, only louder and more urgent. A strange but familiar and abstract Americana, with roughness turned up to 11.

it’s a re recording of a 1986 album that never saw the light of day in USA distribution. here now entitled “Recounting the Ballads ( of Thin Line Men) “ with original drummer(s) Tommy Larkins for a most of it and Winston A Watson Jr. for a minute too. ( just the opposite of their involvement of the previous re recording on last year’s re do of “Returns to Valley of Rain”. This album also features good ol’ Thøger Tetens Lund on low frequency ( as he has provided for the last 15 years ) and Annie Dolan for a minute too. Plus special visitation by Paula Jean Brown. The album was co produced by Gabriel Sullivan and the beautiful cover is by Rosson Crow.

We will be touring on it in Europe ‘tween Nov. 9th – Dec. 8th. .. a kind of fare-thee-well escapade. hind sight being 2020, am looking forward to something else next year. Thank you all so severely mucho. – howe

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