BILLY BRAGG – ” Best Of Billy Bragg At the BBC 1983-2019 “

Posted: September 22, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Very proud to announce my new album ‘Best Of Billy Bragg at the BBC 1983 – 2019’, set for digital and CD release September 20th, and vinyl release November 15th. The compilation album features classic performances of mine at the BBC from the early 80s through to the present; fully remastered, featuring many previously unreleased tracks plus selected highlights from sessions for John Peel, David Jensen, Janice Long, Phill Jupitus, Bob Harris, Tom Robinson & more, which I hope you will enjoy.

The 38-track collection is ‘fully remastered’ and features 38 tracks compiled from the BBC archive spanning 1983 – 2019.  Many are apparently previously unreleased.

Speaking about this set, Bragg says: “Work in progress. That’s how John Peel thought of his evening sessions, offering artists the opportunity to try out new songs in a studio environment. That’s how I looked at them too. …The songs were so new, you can hear I’m still feeling my way into them. Several were conceived and written the night before the session. In one case, I actually composed a song from scratch while the show was on air. That rawness was always a key component of my BBC sessions, the thrill of putting something out there for the very first time. And here I’ve collected all the best moments across 36 years of my ongoing work in progress.”

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