SUN JUNE – ” Monster Moon “

Posted: September 8, 2019 in MUSIC
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Sun June

Sun June are about to hit the road supporting Fruit Bats, Lucy Dacus and Liza Anne in the US. No new Europe dates are known right now, but let’s hope we’ll be able to get to see and hear one day. Now that would be a treat.
Though I’ve tried a few times, there’s an intangible magic to the work of Sun June that makes it incredibly difficult to capture in words. Like a drifting sense of longing found buried in the heat of summer, Laura Colwell’s voice has the ability to not only glow but linger, a fleeting memory half-remembered, a dream you can’t pinpoint, always slightly out-of-step with the world.

Sun June is Laura Colwell, Stephen Salisbury, Michael Bain, Justin Harris, and Sarah Schultz.

Just simply listen to everything that came out on the Austin-based record label Keeled Scales. You would like everything I mean Buck Meek, Twain, Katy Kirby; what’s not to like? And Sun June is another one of their gems: their fresh and captivating sound could be your next favourite band.

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