UV-TV – ” Inside Out “

Posted: July 20, 2019 in MUSIC
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Florida band UV-TV have returned with their sophomore LP, “Happy”. It was released this week on Deranged Records. The band had earlier covered The Primitives punk pop classic “Really Stupid” on an excellent EP released on Stewart Anderson and Jen Turrell’s Emotional Response imprint.

This new LP is steeped in some shoegaze elements. I’m quite particular about the genre, in that I need there to be teeth and melody beyond the dreamy vocals and reverb. This record has got it in spades. It’s just so well informed by diy traditions, it hits that nostalgic sweet spot but it also sounds modern. UV-TV have done their homework.

UV-TV was born in 2015, in the chaos of Gainesville’s thriving DIY scene. With Ian Bernacett’s driving riffs and Rose Vastola’s rock-steady vocals, the two have a knack for writing solid, energetic songs with a sweetness that sticks in your head.

Drummer Ryan Hopewell is one of the best drummers going. He’s busy but precise and bangy, and it really elevates the music and makes them sound unique. Rose Vastola (Bass, Vox) and Ian Bernacett (Guitar, Vox) have spent the last year since relocating to NYC working on this record. When I saw the title I thought I might be in for a Mighty Lemon Drops cover, but it’s an original and it’s sparkling and magnificent with a payoff at the end when the song does a melodic change that brings to mind the Mary Chain with the lyric “You’re always Upside Down, I’m always Inside Out”.


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