BLACK SEA DAHU – ” How You Swallowed your Anger “

Posted: July 18, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Black Sea Dahu is the urban folk project of Zurich-based songwriter, Janine Cathrein, alongside a rotating cast of, “motely, merry pranksters”. The debut Black Sea Dahu album, “White Creatures”, came out last year and this week they’ve shared the first new material since that record, “How You Swallowed your Anger”, lifted from an upcoming EP, tiltled “No Fire In The Sand”.

A stripped back affair, How You Swallowed your Anger, is a deep dive into the complexity of a relationship, and how that only becomes clear following a break-up. A break-up song is so often presented from a place of what is lost, yet here Janine focuses on the cause, the bits of herself she could never bring herself to share, “I can’t give anything back, I’m so sorry but I swore by my mother that I wouldn’t believe in love”.  If it’s lyrically devastating, musically it’s every bit as moving, Janine’s vocals seem to linger in your ear, stealing focus from anything else, before fleeing the scene and allowing the double-bass and simple guitar strum room to soar and entwine, with a perfectly judged nod in the direction of early Bon Iver. A spellbinding four minutes, as a wash of beautiful, heartbreaking sound accompanies an intimate, lyrical outpouring, it might just be one of the year’s most compelling recordings.


How You Swallowed your Anger is the first song from the forthcoming EP entitled No Fire in the Sand, due to drop this autumn (27.09.2019)

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No Fire In The Sand is out September 27th via Mouthwatering Records.

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