SURFER BLOOD – ”  Around Your Sun “

Posted: July 17, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Hi!  We’ve just finished recording our 5th album (to be released in early 2020), and right now we’re releasing a teaser EP / 10”, Hourly Haunts, with six brand new songs that won’t be on the album. The limited edition record will only be available for sale at lives shows.

When I set out to write a new Surfer Blood record I had no idea I’d end up with thirty songs. Whenever I sit down to work a new batch of material it usually starts out as a reaction to whatever I was working on last. In this case it was our last record, Snowdonia: an inward-looking record with long interludes that were sparse and fragmented. Now I was ready for the opposite. I set out to write as many short, unrefined pop songs as I could.

It didn’t take long to get some inertia going, the material just kept coming and it felt like it was overflowing. Before I knew it I was sitting on an hour and half of music that felt raw and emotionally satisfying. I worked up the nerve to share the demos with the band and Tyler, Mikey, and Lindsey started sorting through everything. We couldn’t decide on a track listing, so we decided we were going to try and record it all.  It seemed like a crazy idea, but I figured it was a good chance to put everything I’d learned about recording to good use.

We started recording the basic tracks (drums, bass, rhythm guitar) in the winter of 2018. Right away everything was sounding great; the arrangements were coming together, the songs were dynamic, and Mikey and Lindsey were filling the empty space with their delicate harmonies. After a few weeks of all night mixing sessions, everything was falling into place.

“Around Your Sun” is an up-tempo, triumphant love song (or a ‘sensitive banger’ as Lindsey called it). The material from this upcoming Hourly Haunts EP reaches in a lot of new directions, but this one feels like classic Surfer Blood. Loud choruses, straightforward drums, and a sampler of all the new pedal noises we’ve been splatter-painting all over this EP. It’s short and sweet and a great introduction to the next incarnation of Surfer Blood.

The track is a perfect distillation of what made Surfer Blood such a beloved band to begin with — sugary choruses, feel-good vocals and shredding guitars… ‘Around Your Sun’ and the rest of Hourly Haunts represents Surfer Blood’s most refined collection of songs to date.”

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