JULIA JACKLIN – ” Comfort “

Posted: July 6, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Julia Jacklin follow up to her 2016 debut, Don’t Let The Kids Win, with this assured second effort. “Crushing” untangles the feelings of a young woman adrift after the end of a relationship – a break-up she herself instigated – with truth and levity. Her sound is marked by dynamism: after moments of quiet yearning, the tempo builds on tracks like You Were Right and Pressure To Party, moving from alt-country to almost-garage and back again. Whether bringing up the possibility of revenge porn or how tiresome mansplaining is, her songs are intimate and revealing, carried by Jacklin’s unique folk voice.

Here is the acoustic version of her song “Comfort.”

The video features a stripped-down performance of Jacklin crooning the 10th track from her highly acclaimed 2019 album, Crushing, in her dressing room while on tour with First Aid Kit last fall. Draped in modest pastels, Jacklin (and her poignant songwriting) reels in all those who will listen with a voice that, while delicate, is a deceptively potent vessel for emotional intensity. Watch the video for “Comfort” below,

The most brutal (and best) song is the opener, ‘Body’. The scary dickhead ex-boyfriend – proud of being kicked off a plane for smoking, now in possession of nude photos of her – is perfectly drawn and unfortunately recognisable.

‘I guess it’s just my life, and it’s just my body’ she observes painfully.

These lyrics linger in your mind as Jacklin moves through emotionally potent singles ‘Pressure to Party’ and ‘Head Alone’, exploring cleverly the rocky path of self-realisation. ‘Hurts for a while, cured with time’ she sings hopefully on gentle closer ‘Comfort’. Like the worst break-ups you might find yourself flicking back to track one to do it all over again.

New album Crushing out now.

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