KEVIN KRAUTER – ” Pretty Boy “

Posted: June 26, 2019 in MUSIC

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On “Pretty Boy” the new track from the Hoops bassist Kevin Krauter, you can sense that the repeated guitar riff is a form of nirvana for the musician. It’s effortlessly technical, hypnotic in its metronomy but comforting in its hazy familiarity; the other instruments are both superfluous and vital, cohering into a greater whole that envelops you for its mesmerizing four-minute runtime.

Krauter explains in a statement that he wrote “Pretty Boy” in an attempt to learn “new ways to express feeling through my instrument,” and that the track helped him discover newfound love and confidence in himself. “Tell that pretty boy I wanna / see him dance, dance away,” Krauter sings in hushed tones just before a short instrumental break. When he returns, it’s with a self-assured beam: “Look ahead, say I see me now / Smiling at what used to stress me out.”

“Pretty Boy” sounds like walking meditation feels; the sensation of simultaneous connection and introspection, focusing on your circular movement until you don’t even realize you’ve been listening to the track for hours on end.

Krauter is currently working on a follow-up to last year’s Toss Up for Bayonet Records, and is about to embark on a short tour supporting Soccer Mommy.

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