MATTHEW SWEET – ” Girlfriend ” Reissue

Posted: May 28, 2019 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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This is the vinyl release of Matthew Sweet’s 1991 classic has always deserved and the best edition of “Girlfriend” you’ll ever have … Matthew Sweet’s essential 1991 power-pop tour-de-force gets its analog due on Intervention’s Expanded Edition 180-Gram Double-LP release!

Girlfriend’s original 1991 LP release was a single LP that simply excised the last three songs that were included on the original 15-track CD release. Those three tracks were a tremendous loss as the song’s final, elegiac track “Nothing Lasts” was considered as the title track.

Intervention’s amazing Double LP Expanded Edition restores the original 15-song repertoire to three vinyl sides for maximum bass and dynamics. Side D includes three demo tracks- “Good Friend,” “Superdeformed” and “Teenage Female.” Girlfriend’s album art was lovingly restored by Intervention’s Art Director Tom Vadakan, and printed as a gorgeous “Old Style” gatefold

Hello Sweet fans and audiophiles!, Matthew Sweet here to tell you a little bit about a very special reissue series I’ve been working on together with Intervention Records.

This year we’ll be releasing fully-remastered, deluxe 180-gram vinyl as well as SACD editions of Girlfriend, Altered Beast, and 100% Fun—plus, for the very first time on vinyl, Son of Altered Beast.

Label head Shane Buettner and the rest of the Intervention Records team have done a beautiful job with these albums. Each record was fully remastered from the original analog master tapes by Ryan K. Smith in the fully analog lab at Sterling Sound in New York City. They are rich, detailed, and LOUD!

I’m particularly excited about the extra tracks; this is the first vinyl edition of Girlfriend to ever include the three-song coda (“Does She Talk?” “Holy War,” and “Nothing Lasts”). On Altered Beast and 100% Fun you’ll find B-sides and rarities like “Superdeformed” and “Ultrasuede” plus a few you may never have heard before.

Our friends at Pledge Music are helping us bring these records from the mastering lab straight to your turntable along with a ton of very cool pre-order package options. In addition to premium vinyl or SACD, we’ve gone back in the archives to reproduce original tour merch from each album cycle, plus some newly designed items based on the classic artwork. Maybe you’d like a set of Test Pressings signed by me? A handwritten lyrics sheet to “I’ve Been Waiting” or “Ugly Truth”? These, and many more options are available for you to choose from on my Pledgemusic page.

I’ll be posting updates as the campaign unfolds so be sure to purchase an Access Pass so you can stay in the loop from the moment you make a Pledge until your purchase arrives in the mail.

Your enthusiasm and ongoing support of my music all these years means so much. I can’t wait for you to hear these remasters.

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