RA RA RIOT – ” Superbloom “

Posted: May 21, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Ra Ra Riot  have unveiled the opening track, “Flowers.”taken from their forthcoming fifth studio album, “Superbloom”, set for release August. 9th via Rob the Rich Recordings/Caroline.

The album will be the indie rockers’ first release since the four LPs they launched through Seattle indie label Barsuk, The summery new single was co-written and produced by the band’s frequent collaborator Rostam Batmanglij, once a member of Vampire Weekend, and a songwriter who has worked with the likes of Maggie Rogers and Haim.

“Flowers” follows previously released tracks “Bad To Worse” and “This Time Of Year,” Upbeat and kinetic, “Flowers” pops off vibrantly as blurred pixels of pinks and greens oscillate around the screen before speeding up to match the opening progression as vocalist Wes Miles launches into the first verse.

“We had it good for two years in the truck until we realized our luck had dried up,” he sings, reminiscing about a past relationship. Behind the upbeat track are lyrics tinged with regret as the speaker wonders if he should have stayed in the relationship and in the house they shared.

“Do I wonder if I should have stayed? Every night, every day,” he admits. But even though he’s been dreaming and thinking about the relationship, he knows it’s best left in the past.

“So don’t bring flowers to my grave. Say goodbye from far away,” he finishes to a buoyant backtrack.

Born out of Syracuse University house shows, Ra Ra Riot comprises Wes Miles on vocals, Mathieu Santos on bass, Milo Bonacci on guitar, Rebecca Zeller on violin and Kenny Bernard on drums. The band’s pop-infused single is representative of their new album as a whole, according to a press release, which calls Superbloom “their most extravagantly realized work to date.”

“At the same time, the band maintains the offbeat eclecticism they’ve embraced since first forming as a baroque-pop outfit back in the mid-2000s, embedding Superbloom’s lavish arrangements with elements of psychedelia, new wave, punk and country,” the release continues.

Ra Ra Riot’s last studio LP was 2016’s Need Your Light. The band also celebrated their 10th anniversary and the launch of their debut album The Rhumb Line with a tour last year. The band is back at it again with another busy year of releases and touring,

“Superbloom”, set for release August. 9th via Rob the Rich Recordings/Caroline.


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