PJ HARVEY – ” The Crowded Cell “

Posted: May 16, 2019 in MUSIC
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PJ Harvey has shared a new song, “The Crowded Cell.” It was recorded for the new British TV drama The Virtues, a four-part series airing in the UK on Channel 4. Harvey scored the show and “The Crowded Cell” plays during the end credits of each episode. Shane Meadows created The Virtues, which stars Stephen Graham.

Harvey had this to say about the song in a press statement: “I am so happy to have provided the original music for this extraordinary and powerful new drama by a director I have admired and followed all my life. Shane has a unique directness and sensitivity to his work which I am drawn to and aspire to in my own work, so our collaboration was open and trusting. I sent Shane ideas as demos for him to try out as he edited and let him choose what he used and where to the greatest effect. In the end we both loved how the demos worked so left them as they were, adding to the raw beauty of the piece.”


PJ Harvey’s “The Crowded Cell” closes each of the 4-parts of Director Shane Meadows‘ latest drama, ‘The Virtues’.

‘The Virtues,’ starring BAFTA-nominated Stephen Graham (This is England, ’86, ’88, ’90, Boardwalk Empire, Taboo, Line of Duty) alongside Irish actors Helen Behan and Niamh Algar, tackles themes of repressed memory, apocalyptic revenge and the hope of redemption.

PJ Harvey released her last album, The Hope Six Demolition Project, in 2016 via Vagrant.

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