The LEMON TWIGS – ” The Fire “

Posted: May 15, 2019 in MUSIC
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The Lemon Twigs

The Lemon Twigs have never been the most straight-forward of bands. This brotherly duo seem capable of slicing and dicing bejewelled melodies into extravagant shapes, producing something innately familiar but also unerringly strange.

Their latest album ‘Go To School’ was released last August , and it finds the D’Addario brothers filling their lungs with air and moving into fresh pastures.

‘The Fire’ is a six minute mini-epic, one that recalls everyone from Jonathan Richman to The Band, the off kilter lyricism of Pavement to the extravagant power pop missiles of Todd Rundgren. “Well, we’ll see who’s the big joke,” they growl, pushing urgently against every single barrier – both mental and physical – in their way.

The Lemon Twigs performing “The Fire” live in the KEXP studio. Recorded January 29th, 2019. “The Fire, The Fire, The Fire. It’s about the fire that happens in the school, which is sort of like an attack; I don’t think that the kid knows that it’s going to kill as many people, he wants to make a statement, and he then it like happens in the story. It’s like one of the emotional turning points in the story, so this is what happens after he turn, what he decided to do.”.

‘The Fire’ from The Lemon Twigs‘ new album, ‘Go To School’,

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