OUTER SPACE – ” I See Her Face “

Posted: April 29, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Outer Spaces is the name of the current project of Baltimore based songwriter Cara Beth Satalino. Cara had a well received debut album way back in 2016 ,“A Shedding Snake”. This week Outer Spaces have detailed a brand new album titled, “Gazing Globe” due out on Western Vinyl in June, as well as sharing the first single from it, I See Her Face. The track, is in Cara’s own words, “basically about embracing optimism…the ‘her’ referred to in the song is probably a more optimistic, lighter, brighter version of myself hidden somewhere waiting to be found.” Musically, the track also has a certain bright glow to it, albeit it one where you feel there’s a more melancholic edge hiding not far from sight. There’s a winning contrast between the breeziness of the light drums and Cara’s vocal delivery and the more crunchy tones of electric guitar. By the sound of it optimism suits Outer Spaces, so we best get used to seeing a lot of of that face!

The album came after Cara Beth Satalino took a break from a long-term relationship, and she says, “I think I was trying to get back to myself and my identity, separate from my relationship. For this record I was trying to articulate a feeling of disassociation, or something sort of intangible, surreal, and ethereal. I wanted it to be less literal and more of an illustration of a feeling.

Cara Beth Satalino’s Outer Spaces project also recently released another new song“Teapot #1″from their upcoming single for Saddle Creek’s Document Series.

From the album Gazing Globe, available June 21st, 2019 on Western Vinyl Records.

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