Posted: April 9, 2019 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Katherine Paul’s Black Belt Eagle Scout has released a purposeful new track and corresponding video titled “Loss & Relax,” which will be released on a 7-inch vinyl alongside “Half Colored Hair” on April 26th from Saddle Creek records. Highlighted Black Belt Eagle Scout as one of 2018’s best new bands, praising Paul’s “knack for making very specific, personal anecdotes feel universal.”

Paul said of the prideful composition dedicated to her history in a statement: As I was writing the guitar line, I kept seeing the water of the Salish Sea and the local ferries drifting people in and out of place. Ferries are such a beautiful part of my childhood and served as a major form of transportation. Thinking about my home and how canoes have turned into ferries is a sad, but also beautiful thought. Nowadays with Canoe Journeys, canoes are alongside ferries, roaming our waters to lands, sharing customs and culture. That is what I think about now when I listen to the fully recorded version of the song. I see a strong and fierce community of my people continuing to thrive in whatever comes our way. That is how I feel about myself, a survivor and thriver of this land, a water protector, a woman, the future.

The video for “Loss & Relax,” was directed by Angel Two Bulls, it follows Paul on her journey home as she goes through the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community and Samish Indian Nation.

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