ART BRUT – WE ARE SCIENTISTS – ” Wasabi ” 12″ Vinyl Record Store Day 2019

Posted: March 3, 2019 in MUSIC
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Way back in 2006, Art Brut and We Are Scientists toured together and released a split single just for the occasion where they covered each other’s songs. To celebrate the 13th year of that occasion, or something, Art Brut and We Are Scientists are re-teaming as WASABI (We Are Scientists Art Brut International) for a nine-track Record Store Day 2019 12″ featuring more covers of each other’s songs, and new originals including an Art Brut song about Record Store Day (“Art Brut do not make limited edition singles / we make TOO MANY”). Both bands combine forces for a cover of The Traveling Wilburys’ hit “Handle with Care.”

Our record label tried to make this Art Brut vs We Are Scientists, but it doesn’t work like that. WASABI are a motherf*cking gang! It’s a legendary team up! Crushing all other bands with our Traveling Wilburys covers and awesome songs. We’re on the same side. Wasabi vs ALL OTHER BANDS!”

“I thought it would be great for WASABI to cover The Traveling Wilburys because both bands are Supergroups,” Eddie tells us. “At the time, though, I didn’t know Supergroup meant a group of people from other bands. I just thought it meant we were super! and we are, fucking super awesome, just like the Wilburys.”.


WASABI (We Are Scientists Art Brut International) 12″ tracklist:

1.) Slow Death (WAS previously unreleased song)
2.) I Hope You’re Very Happy Together (WAS cover of an Art Brut song)
3.) She Kissed Me and It Felt Like a Hit (WAS cover of an Art Brut song)
4.) Handle With Care (The Travelling Wilburys Cover by WAS and Art Brut)

1.) Properties of Perception (Art Brut cover of a WAS song)
2.) Nearest Exit is Behind You (Art Brut previously unreleased song)
3.) Started Smoking Again (Art Brut previously unreleased song)
4.) Lets Get Drunk About it (Art Brut previously unreleased song)
5.) Record Store Day (Art Brut previously unreleased song)

Record Store Day 2019 is April 13


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