PIROSHKA – ” Brickbat “

Posted: February 16, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The Lush-Elastica-Moose super group (not supergroup) drop their first album awash with layered, gushing shoegaze noise. Piroshka, the band featuring Miki Berenyi of Lush as well as members of Moose, Elastica, and Modern English, will release their anticipated debut album, Brickbat, on February 15th . Containg sweet pop melodies, slow hooks, jangly guitars, shimmering synths and Miki Berenyi’s unmistakable sardonic and thick London delivery has a familiar comfort to it. Piroshka feels like your favourite pair jeans that have been stuck at the back of your cupboard, out of sight, out of mind, until one day you think shit, those jeans were my favourite I wonder if they are still as great as before. Spoiler alert, they are.

 “What’s Next” is one of the Lush-ier songs on the record, and has one of the strongest choruses, too. The song itself is about the constant flood of bad news we get on a daily basis, with Miki belting out “We live to protest!” She tells us more about the song:

“What’s Next” started life as a guitar-and-drums demo from Justin that he’d called ‘Protest’ – the drums being inspired by the idea of a protest march. It’s one of the very first songs Piroshka worked on together. The lyrics are inspired by the shock and fallout regarding current political upheavals – how this finger-pointing and rage and blame are so damaging, how we need to get back some kind of solidarity if we possibly can because the divisions between us are playing into certain people’s hands. Funnily enough, the song was called Time’s Up when it was first recorded, but that title then got taken so we thought we’d better change it! It’s the only track on the album mixed by Alan Moulder – before we got picked up by Bella Union, we had an album’s worth of demos but we only had enough money to get one of them mixed!

But don’t let their familiarity make you think for one moment that they are just here, resting on their laurels, relying on our nostalgia. NO.


Piroshka have got shit they wanna talk about. Behind the smoke and mirrors of their lush (HEY?) sound is an angry kickback at some awful parts of our society and ourselves, the last thing they want you to do is just sit there and listen, they want you to take responsibility and act! , looks like you just found a CND Badge/Free Mandela Flyer/One of those weird charity wristbands everyone was wearing in the noughties in one of the pockets of those old jeans.

Piroshka – Everlastingly Yours, taken from the album Brickbat due 15/01/19.


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