SOCCER MOMMY – ” Blossom / Be Seeing You ” Demo’s

Posted: February 1, 2019 in MUSIC
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In anticipation of her current headlining tour and her upcoming support tour with Kacey Musgraves, Sophie Allison, aka Soccer Mommy, has shared the demo for “Blossom” and the b-side “Be Seeing You” on Thursday. The latter was previously only available physically as a b-side to her “Last Girl” 7-inch on Bandcamp.

Both songs bring the tender intimacy we’ve come to associate with the Nashville native, like a love note pressed between the pages of a book. The demo of “Blossom” brings a more lo-fi sound than the iteration heard on Soccer Mommy’s acclaimed debut album “Clean”. Allison fills space with her omnipresent chorus of “oohs” versus the sharp clarity of the instrumentation in the album version. She made this demo for “Blossom” in her college dorm before i even knew “Clean” would exist, I was always really happy with it.

The 21-year-old recalled the history of the tracks in a statement:

“Blossom” was one of the first songs I wrote for Clean. It was before I even realized Clean was going to exist. I was always happy with the demo—it got made in the basement of my dorm room when I was still in college. “Be Seeing You” is an even older track. It was made as a single with the original recording of “Last Girl” but it was never put on streaming. It’s an old favorite of mine so I’m happy to see it get released everywhere.

Listen to the “Blossom” demo and “Be Seeing You”

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