LANTERNS – ” Angst “

Posted: January 29, 2019 in MUSIC
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LANTERNS. aim for a fractured, noisy beauty on “Angst”, Lanterns. bash out high-quality indie-rock on their latest single, “Angst.” It’s another impassioned performance from the trio, who’ve been on a roll ever since they released the lunging, hook-driven assault of late-2016’s End Times Blues. They stick to what they know best on “Angst,” a pulverizing rocker with a life-affirming energy that aims for a fractured, noisy beauty.  All in all, I keep thinking of Lanterns as the antithesis to all the sugary pop bands striving to write hits for summer car rides. In these guys’ world, these tunes would be blasting from a beat-up 1990 Escort, windows down because there’s no air conditioning,

There’s no word yet on how “Angst” points to Lanterns.‘ future, but as a standalone single, it’s an effective grunge anthem with a brittle guitar style that exudes class.



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