TIM PRESLEY WHITE FENCE – ” I have To Feed Larry’s Hawk “

Posted: January 26, 2019 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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I Have to Feed Larry

The Ty Segall-collaborator go-to man for 60’s psych/folk/garage reimagining rekindles the magic in culled from imaginary beatles demos, his penchant for garage nuggets irrepressible.

This album has him at his best again, charming and beguiling, with arrangements that are his most inventive and finely-honed yet. if they found another lost Velvets LP in a skip from between the 2nd and 3rd albums it might sound like this. riyl a.savage, woods, ocs, night beats.“[with] a clear absence of preciousness (which could very well be the album’s coup de grâce) each of these songs feel like they stemmed from some intuitive musical notion in the cold dead of night. fleshed out and placed back-to-back, they become something resonant, whole and inspired”

“I Have To Feed Larry’s Hawk” by Tim Presley’s White Fence is an album that’s going to take some beating this year – it’s a real beaut. Ex member of The Fall, and renowned for White Fence and some great joint albums with Ty Segall, DRINKS with Cate LeBon and Birth Records the label he formed for Jessica Pratt,

More melancholic than last year’s Beefheart nuggets on the second Ty Segall & White Fence album “Joy”, “I Have To Feed Larry’s Hawk” is sparse and unravelling, introspective, delicate, psych and even electronic.

We know that Tim’s a bit of an Anglophile, and there’s a definite Syd Barrett echo here, and a hangover from his work with Cate Le Bon as DRINKS in terms of brittle but beautiful song structure. There’s also 60s garage as you’d expect, piano that tinkles my spine like Elton John, and the teutonic monotone of Harmonia or Cluster on a two song suite that concludes the album. Given the pharmaceutically charged cover artwork, it’s fair to say that having to feed Larry’s Hawk could be allusion to addiction, and therefore this album feels like a self reflective confessional, perhaps that’s why it’s “Tim Presley’s White Fence” this time,

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