GUSTER – ” Look Alive “

Posted: January 23, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The Boston rock veterans of Guster are back after a four-year break with a new album titled Look Alive. The band appears to have been restless in the interim, as this new album incorporates everything from grand, arena-style pop hooks to the whimsical balladry of ‘60s groups like the Kinks.

In case you quit the internet last week, our new album Look Alive comes out on January 18th and you can head on over to this very second to hear a whole third of our new record, check out the full track listing, and pre-order or pre-save how you see fit. The bands 8th studio album is out today. Look Alive is an inspired and fulfilling place to have arrived after 27 years of creativity.

Now, also feast your eyes on the album cover! It was embroidered by a fabulous artist named Nikki Virbitsky.

“Overexcited” is from Guster’s new album, Look Alive, out now on Nettwerk Music Group & Ocho Mule Records.


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