GRAHAM PARKER and the RUMOUR – ” Mystery Glue “

Posted: January 20, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Graham Parker & the Rumour Returned, One of the most significant groups to emerge in the new wave boom of the 1970s, Graham Parker & the Rumour, one of the UK’s pioneering pre-punk bands return with a new album, Mystery Glue through Chess’ cutting-edge imprint Cadet Concept. Written in Graham’s second home of New York and recorded in just 6 days in the legendary RAK studios in London, Mystery Glue is an album of conscious rock that harks back to a genre-defining music of the 70s whilst paying homage to Dylan, reggae, soul and rock ‘n’ roll.” released their new album, ‘Mystery Glue,’ in May. The album will be released on the newly-relaunched Cadet Concept label.

The new record follows the band’s successful reunion with the 2012 album ‘Three Chords Good,’ their first album together since 1980’s ‘The Up Escalator.’ The new set contains songs about their love for London and features many subtle references to their own much-travelled history. The track ‘Railroad Spikes’ was launched on their own Vevo channel at the end of March.

The band put together a UK tour, billed as the Graham Parker Duo featuring Brinsley Schwarz, After a long gap of over 30 years,  their 2nd recent album in relatively quick succession. Graham is in good voice, obviously not the angry young man of the late 1970’s, but he still has plenty of relevant things to say for himself. The original Rumour band are back together, and provide accomplished support, sometimes veering maybe towards a more country style.  The track listing for the album is as follows:

1. Transit Of Venus
2. Going There
3. Wall Of Grace
4. Swing State
5. Slow News Day
6. Railroad Spikes
7. Flying Into London
8. Pub Crawl
9. I’ve Done Bad Things
10. Fast Crowd
11. Long Shot
12. My Life In Movieland

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