BEACH SKULLS – ” Sacred Citrus “

Posted: December 29, 2018 in MUSIC
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Beach Skulls don’t just make breezy dream pop, they also have a ramshackle, surfy garage-rock side that counterbalances the saccharine with some bitterness. Their first LP, Slow Grind, came out in 2016, and their latest album Las Dunas dropped this year. Las Dunas brings more prominent touches of neo-psych and Spanish and American garage, and though they hail from Manchester, a city of grey skies, their murky soundscapes have an unmistakable sunny glow. Singer and guitarist Ry Vieira’s vocals are elegant, pretty and almost feminine while his guitar influences span many decades with flickering garage pop melodies and at times leisurely rhythms and other times sputtering freak outs. Beach Skulls’ cinematic aesthetic is full of sandy imagery, bittersweet sonics and alluring personality.

Ry Vieira – vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar (all tracks)
Jordan Finney – drums, percussion, backing vocals (all tracks)
Dan West – bass guitar, backing vocals (all tracks)
Lara Boundy – backing vocals (tracks 2, 6 and 10)
Lucy James – backing vocals (track 6)

“Sacred Citrus”, taken from Beach Skull’s new album “Las Dunas”

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