JAMES BAY – ” Pink Lemonade “

Posted: December 27, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC

James Bay

Since the moment James Bay released his single, “Hold Back the River,” he instantly wooed fans all over the world. And after hustling for the past few years and playing small venues the British singer-songwriter clearly sang from the heart with the smoothness that’ll make you weak in the knees — but still had just enough rasp that showed that he’s not another pretty face . Similar to Bay’s own determination to make it as a household name, While some solo artists heavily rely on the slower side of things, Bay does the opposite, filling his set with explosive and upbeat songs, playing with so much energy and passion that you have to believe every lyric that he’s singing.
Aside from playing his LP, Chaos and the Calm, Yes, believe it or not, the singer had a Charlie Puth-style pop reinvention in 2018, releasing a decent coming-of-age  record in Electric Light. In a weird way, however, Bay almost overshadowed himself – “Pink Lemonade” is so far ahead as the album’s frontrunner, you almost question why the other songs bothered showing up. A neon-tinged nu-rock number, the song sees Bay indulging a more soulful tear in his vocals while a wall of electric guitar churns against the slick production.


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