WINDHAND – ” Eternal Return “

Posted: December 22, 2018 in MUSIC
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Even though there’s some debate about it within the music critic/thinkpiece world, there is obviously still a thirst for hard-edged rock music. Bands like Foo Fighters and System Of A Down still draw gigantic crowds, Greta Van Fleet is getting weirdly famous — the interest is there, but most of rock radio sounds like Maroon 5 and indie rock tends to either go in a lighter slacker rock direction or an electronic/R&B direction. That latter two styles have produced plenty of great music, but if you’re feeling like you’re missing tasteful rock bands who rock out, rip guitar solos, and write super catchy songs, you may have just not heard Windhand’s Eternal Return. They throw Black Sabbath riffs, Seattle grunge, trippy psychedelia, and folk songs in a blender and they’re experts at all of it. Dorthia Cottrell is an increasingly killer singer, and her voice is more in the forefront on this album than ever before. She used to bury hints of Layne Staley and Chris Cornell beneath all the noise; now she writes choruses that rival their classic work. Still, Windhand’s music is a bit more challenging than the radio-friendly grunge era.


Eternal Return has a few concise standouts (“Diablerie,” “Red Cloud,” and the folky “Pilgrim’s Rest”), but it mostly favors long songs that lock into heavy, hypnotic grooves. The long songs never drag though; stuff like the eight-minute “Halcyon” and the seven-minute “First To Die” can suck you in so deeply that you lose all sense of real time and just let them take you over.


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