CHORUSGIRL – ” Shimmer and Spin “

Posted: December 20, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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With the release of Shimmer and Spin, the second album by London-based janglers Chorusgirl. A record that chronicled a particularly difficult year in the life of chief songwriter Silvi Wersing, and in some ways served as an anchor, through which she was able to pull herself through.

Ahead of the album’s release, the band have this week shared the video to new single, In Dreams. The track is musically something of a departure for the band, the underrated rhythm section are to the fore, with prominent bass and a frankly brilliant drum beat creating a base around which skeletal guitar lines and vocal melodies flourish and bloom. If musically it’s Chorusgirl as you’ve never heard them before, lyrically it’s something of a companion piece to an older track, This Town Kills. It deal with small town anxieties and the power of dreaming to inspire you to escape a place you never fit in. As Silvi sings, “Sunday afternoon forever, waiting for the brighter weather, rainy doom and gloom forever inside this small town torment”, it’s the sound of staring out the window, lost in your own thoughts, knowing one day you’ll find a way to belong. It’s accompanied by an excellent handmade video courtesy of animator Ruth Barrett, created using over 2500 manually cut out paper prints. More challenging, more intriguing, more themselves than ever, Chorusgirl might just be turning a tumultuous year into a musical triumph.

Shimmer and Spin is out 16th November via Reckless Records 

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