Posted: December 17, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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It’s hard to believe that the Caroline Rose who made I Will Not Be Afraid, her first album and a swinging, folk-fueled rockabilly record, is the same Caroline Rose who, this year, released an absurdist, darkly hilarious pop record called Loner. “Bikini,” from the latter, is weird and wonderful and, like many of Loner’s best tunes, oozes with satire. On standout track “Jeannie Becomes A Mom,” Rose tackles aggressive suburban ideals, but “Bikini” freaks out on the insane expectations facing women in the spotlight (and women in general). In the video, Rose, though still dressed in her signature red, is costumed as her male narrator, barking commands at bikini-clad women. “C’mon shake it,” she sings. “Put on this bikini and dance.” The takeaway: Ladies, you don’t ever have to “shake it” for anyone, no matter how nicely they ask.

Indie-pop artist Caroline Rose has her own take on the subject in the darkly hilarious song “Jeannie Becomes a Mom,” from her album Loner, which was released in February. For the song’s video, the title character fulfills Rose’s predictions of moving outside Topeka, Kan., to assume domestic duties, but not without a few fumbles. On Loner, Rose makes the huge leap from country/folk to dark pop satire, which she executes marvelously. LONER is chock-full of humor and absurd characters, including Jeannie, who tries her gosh-darn best to be a good wife and homemaker in the video, but quite literally falls short.

From the new album Loner, available now


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