PEACE – ” You Don’t Walk Away From Love “

Posted: December 13, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Four-piece Peace broke through massively a few years ago with backing from NME and a place in the BBCs annual Sound Of…poll. Peace exploded back onto the scene with their electrifying anthem ‘Power’ and now with the announcement of a new record and a UK tour in May it seems the boys are well and truly back in town! Their highly anticipated new album, Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll, came out on May 4th this year.

After leaving their former label Columbia, the boys are making a big statement as they return with power-rock anthem ‘Power,’ a rallying call-to-arms that was inspired by the band witnessing a massive lighting storm whilst recording new material in the US.

The peacock-ing new single was produced by Simon Felice, who has worked with both Bat For Lashes and the Lumineers. The single is the first new release from the boys in 2018, after they followed up their 2015 album Happy People with the charity-assisting ‘From Under Liquid Glass’ in November last year.

The single cover for ‘Power’ is also very striking; seeing the boys dressed in their very best morning attire and the cover borrowing the stylised red border of Time magazine to create a bold and confident re-emergence for the four piece into the public sphere.

Front-man Harry Koisser says of the new single: “‘Power’ is a song about booting down the door to delirious glory and charging headfirst into the world-wide banquet of love.:

Fair enough, mate. Also, have you heard that chorus? Amazing.

Standout track ‘You Don’t Walk Away From Love’ sounds like an overly enamoured Status Quo – a good thing – and the title track boasts a gospel choir belting out its titular refrain. The Brummie lads’ goal was noble: to change the world with optimism and catchy indie songs.

My studies in the whole Rock & Roll is dead versus Rock & Roll will never die investigation have led me to believe this: After generations of focused monetisation, corporate contamination & moral depravation, Dead lies the cadaver of rock and roll past. But of course, as we know from the fabric of our own universe, Death is a doorway into life. Thus, upon death, born is the New rock & roll, free of it’s former warts & boasting a very simple mantra, That everyone can make the world a better place by being a lil’ kinder. Some people love guitars, Some people hate electronic computer music, some people hate both but if we respect the union of opposing forces, it becomes clear that simply none of that matters. What i’m trying to say is that rock and roll is dead & also rock and roll will never die but if you take a closer look, Kindness actually is, the new rock and roll.
I’ve been Harry Koisser ‘Power’ is available to buy now.

Peace are delighted to announce that their new album ’Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll’ released Friday 4th May! 

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