LONE JUSTICE – ” Shelter “

Posted: November 28, 2018 in MUSIC
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Lone Justice their second album “Shelter” finds the band abandoning the cowpunk image of their debut in favor of a more polished ’80s sound. What they came up with is rather a mishmash of material that only points the way for Maria McKee to don a solo outfit and carry on alone. Shelter falls into the trap of a record company dictating how a disc should sound no matter what might happen to the group producing it. There are strong cuts here — most notably, “I Found Love” (a real ’80s-sounding product), “Wheels,” and “Dixie Storms” (which foretells Maria McKee’s future in music) all have something to recommend them. The rest falls into the trap of songs produced to fulfill obligations.

There’s lots of talk about which LJ band or album was better. The original band may have been the best, but really, when they were live, how could anyone take their eyes off the girl fronting the band!? When the electric got plugged in and the vibe hit her, there wasn’t anything like her. She said once she had a big voice from screaming over the band. What she does is so far from screaming! She just has some kind of voice!

Lone Justice was a group not unlike Big Brother & the Holding Company, who had a great female lead singer and focal point along with competent sidemen. Once the record execs ventured to guess that McKee would sell more on her own, they urged her to jettison the band, which she did after Shelter. Such is life in the record biz

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