GROUNDHOGS – ” Blues Obituary “

Posted: November 20, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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British rock band Groundhogs‘ second album, Blues Obituarywas recently reissued with a special limited colour vinyl edition with a die-cut sleeve available.

Issued in 1969, Blues Obituary saw the band slimmed to the classic three-piece line up of Tony TS McPhee on guitar, Pete Cruikshank on bass and Ken Pustelnik on drums.

50th Anniversary limited edition die cut sleeve with liner notes from Mojo’s Dave Henderson.

The second studio album from The Groundhogs, The beginning of their domination as the hardest working band on the circuit, a testament to their creativity as they re-tooled the blues into a neo-psyche groove. Breaking from their traditional influences, the first stepping stone for the power trio who would blossom with ‘Thank Christ For the Bomb’, ‘Split’ and ‘Who Will Save The World?’.

Inspired by a Yardbirds’ freak out, hearing authentic Indian drumming and the magic that existed between this legendary trio, ‘Blues Obituary’ is a juggernaut of riffs.

According to Tony in Zig Zag’s John Tobler’s sleevenotes to the 1987 re-issue of ‘Blues Obituary’ it was the BBC’s John Peel producer John Walters that forced the band’s hand. “He decided he hated the blues,” McPhee told Tobler, “We figured it was time to get away from it.” .“A deep excursion into musical depths further down than Canned Heat ever dared go.”

This is classic raw British blues-rock with a slightly prog edge and features a ‘juggernaut’ of riffs. The audio has been remastered and this comes with two bonus tracks; the mono single cut of ‘BDD’ plus the B-side of that single, a brilliant solo acoustic McPhee performance of ‘Gasoline’.

This limited blue vinyl edition features a special die-cut sleeve and comes with an inner sleeve with notes and a download card.

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