BEACH HOUSE – ” Pay No Mind “

Posted: November 15, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Watch the Peaceful Video for Beach House's "Pay No Mind"

Beach House  have released a further music video for “Pay No Mind,” from their latest album 7. The video was directed by Michael Hirsch, and is made up of touring footage from 2015-2018. “We’ve been lucky to have friends join us on the road over the years,” the band said in a statement. “They’ve helped us stay sane through all the hard touring.”

“Pay No Mind” is perhaps the most romantic song off 7. Its gentle, lethargic chords feel like a prom-night waltz at the bottom of the sea, Victoria Legrand’s vocals shining down like fractal pillars of light. The video finds the small serenities in the chaos of touring—from the murmuring excitement of the crowd to the bliss of performance and the road the next day, the video finds solace in repetition.

Watch “Pay No Mind” below and check out the earler video and 7 standout track “Drunk in LA.” The video was directed by album co-producer Sonic Boom, who also remixed Beach House’s “Black Car.”

The video is the third from 7, following “Dark Spring” and “Black Car.” It features wobbly, watery animation of everything from liquid horses to fractal treetops, to a blacklight-infused stage play set.

The band said the idea came from Sonic Boom, aka Pete Kemper, while they were all out together at dinner and he “mentioned an idea for a video where the viewer is always looking up from the ground.” After complimenting him on the dreamlike nature of the video, “he wrote that it was essentially just a day in his life.”

Beach House  just wrapped a sold-out North American tour, and will be embarking on a European tour this fall.

Watch the video for “Drunk in LA”

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