The MINDERS – ” Hooray For Tuesday ” 20th Anniversary Edition

Posted: October 26, 2018 in MUSIC
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Portland-based popsters The Minders began their existence two decades ago in Denver, aided in the studio by Apples In Stereo leader Robert Schneider and skirting the outer rings of The Elephant 6 Collective that begat Neutral Milk Hotel. While lead Minder Martyn Leaper shared a lot of the same ‘60s loving DNA with those groups, he had a firmer grasp on the particulars that most with the help of his perfectly tart vocals and knack for an instant earworm hook. With the rights to the first Minders album back in his control, Leaper is re-releasing Hooray For Tuesday for the first time on vinyl with the addition two unheard versions of the title track: a re-recording by the current iteration of the band and a demo from 1996. The woozy, candyfloss spirit of this music still sounds like lost broadcasts from the bubblegum pop era, a sensation amplified through it being pressed to wax. The bonus cuts suffer a bit as the second side of my copy was cut a little off-center so they sound too warped to really enjoy. Until that point, the music offers nothing but pure delight.

Early critical success and productivity from the band, who relocated to Portland in the late ‘90s, would give way to an eight-year dry spell that almost signaled the end of the project. Unfazed, Leaper eventually pushed through that dark period and has continued to write and record vital music, with 2016’s “Into The River” re-establishing the band as one of Portland’s most influential acts

From HOORAY FOR TUESDAY © 1998 spinART records


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