ACID DAD – ” Living With A Creature “

Posted: October 26, 2018 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Acid Dad, a gang of Brooklyn rockers injecting a healthy dose of psychedelia into their livewire punk, dropped their self-titled debut LP back in March. Now, in advance of a sprawling fall tour of North America, the band has shared a brand new single, “Living With A Creature”.

Written and released with the dim, leaf-strewn milieu of Halloween in mind, the stormy, rollicking track conjures images of insomnia and claustrophobia. It all swirls around the song’s central monster, which lives “under my house,” “under my floors”, and, most tellingly, “up in my head.” The accompanying music video channels the song’s bleary melodies and vampiric vocals, with blurry horror clips conjuring the warped TV antennas of yore. To watch the video is to relive those bygone midnights in the TV’s glow, knowing that a little bit of static isn’t enough to keep the Wolfman, Dracula, or Frankenstein from clambering through that screen.

Since forming in 2016, Acid Dad has put out a handful of well-received singles and releases, toured the US and Europe, and shared stages with bands like Oh Sees, Diarrhea Planet, and Night Beats. They’re currently working on LP 2, Out October 26th via Greenway Records

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