BLOODS – ” Bug Eyes “

Posted: October 8, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC

This December, Bloods are excited to hit the road and will be throwing their Summer kick off album parties in Melbourne and Sydney in celebration of their new release, ‘Feelings’!

Bloods have also shared the new video for ‘Talk’, a homage to the humble karaoke video.
“Those videos are a marvel of the modern film, the way they use the cheesiest stock footage and often are completely unrelated to the sentiment of the song. We’ve spent so many nights in a dingy room, singing along to the midi arrangements and stock footage of couples staring longingly at each other, or a dog running on the beach. We thought that this concept was perfect for ‘Talk’ because the song is already a contradiction within itself – it’s a song that sounds like the sunniest, poppiest song, but it is actually about being really upset with someone and asking yourself how you’re going to get through a really rough patch” Bloods lead singer MC says of the video.
Shot by Blood band members MC and Dirk the video for ‘Talk’ picks up where the love story that ‘Bug Eyes’ left off, featuring MC and indie rocks most iconic heart-throb, Al Grigg (Straight Arrows/Palms/Red Riders).

From the forthcoming album ‘Feelings’

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