AMANDA PALMER and JASMINE POWER – ” Mr. Weinstein Will See You Now “

Posted: October 7, 2018 in MUSIC

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Last night in Los Angeles I held a free screening for this video. a few hundred people came to a cinema to watch the clip and ask questions, and  passed the mic around. many women – and it is really important to add, also men – shared painfully personal stories of their own experience with rape, assault, surviving, and their anger at what is happening in our country right now. I hugged a lot of people. there were tears. if you were there, thank you for coming and holding the space. it was a much-needed collective howl.

and now: It’s time. I‘ve been working on this video project for months and it is with a strangely heavy heart that i admit: the timing is uncanny. we set the release date for today – October 5th – because it was the one year anniversary of the new york times exposé on Harvey Weinstein.

as i sit here typing this, we await the decision of the senate to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, and the news isn’t looking particularly promising. in fact, it’s looking pretty appalling. and I feel like i’ve been holding my breath for 42 years.

Amanda Palmer

over 60 women – cast and crew – were instrumental in the creation of this video. i wrote a massive blog about the origin of the song and the process of making it,

Matt Nicholson, aka sketch & dodds, helped write and arrange this entire song. those gorgeous cinematic strings and piano are his doing. Jasmine and i wrote the lyrics, and we sang our guts out, but Matt helped provide a container. he should not get cut out of this narrative, and i find it important – and not unpoetic – that a man helped to midwive this song into being.

if you look closely at the credits, you’ll see that – beyond the director, Noémie, and the producer, Natalie – almost all the crew on this film production were women – including the steadicam operator, Lisa Sene, who literally got a round of applause from the cast and crew at the end of a very, very long day of carrying around a 60 pound thing.


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