Posted: October 4, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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C’est La Vie

Five years after the release of his best-selling and highly praised album “Muchacho”, Phosphorescent’s Matthew Houck is returning with “C’est La Vie“, which he produced at his own Spirit Sounds Studio in Nashville, Tenn. Like Muchacho’s starchild single “Song For Zula,” the happy-go-lucky “New Birth in New England,” the first single from “C’est La Vie”, is an overwhelming display of color and genre. Backed by a gospel choir and cheerful acoustics, Houck expertly layers stellar slide guitar and distinctly soulful twang and keys work with hula-like sways of what can only be described as island rock—curious, considering New England is about as far away from the tropics as you can get. Houck’s crackly vocals are reminiscent of Jim James’ or M.C. Taylor’s (Hiss Golden Messenger), but his voice cannot be easily categorized as southern or Americana. On C’est La Vie, Houck doesn’t lean wholly into one sound or style; rather, he capitalizes on a wealth of them.

Houck has crafted an electrifying collection of songs that blend a dreamy, psychedelic americana aesthetic with solid pop foundations that never fail to engage.

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