The LUCID DREAM – ” No Sunlight Dub / Alone In Fear “

Posted: October 2, 2018 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Carlisle’s psychedelic overlords The Lucid Dream have shared a taster of their fourth album, Actualisation, in the shape of ‘No Sunlight Dub’.

To say that The Lucid Dream have a had a torrid time of it these past few 18 months or so would be something of an understatement. Riding high on the success of their third album, Compulsion Songs, the band was stopped in its tracks after all of its gear was stolen in Paris after the opening gig of their European tour at the beginning of 2017.

Thankfully help was at hand as crowdfunding campaign found The Lucid Dream raising enough money to buy new gear and subsequently return to the studio to a make Actualisation, which sees the light of day on 19th October.

As displayed by recent single, ‘SX1000’, The Lucid Dream isn’t a band that likes to repeat itself. Making the connection between dance music and psychedelia, The Lucid Dream is exploring new territories and ‘No Sunlight Dub’ and carries on their new journey with stunning results.



Kicking off with the kind of bowel-rumbling bass and melodica that’s been always been present in their music, the band ups anchor and sets sail into the waters of full-on drum’n’bass and jungle for a complete and utter total freak out. The result is a breathtaking and welcome pummeling of the mind.

Mark Emmerson says: “’No Sunlight Dub’ was the last track that I wrote for the album, and it all came together very quickly and is inspired equally by The Carpenters as it was by the dub of King Tubby and Lee Perry.”

He continues: “The middle section was inspired by jungle and drum ‘n’ bass, and needless to say when we went in the room to work on it as a band it came together no problem at all.

“I love how there are no ‘guitar guitars’ on there as they simply aren’t needed. There’s a lot of room on this track to let the rhythm section speak, which Luke Anderson (drums) and Mike Denton (bass) have nailed perfectly. Equally, I love how Wayne Jefferson has laid down layers of guitars without playing them like a guitar, it almost sounds orchestral.

Check out the earlier released track

‘Alone In Fear’, the 2nd taster from the album

Taken from the forthcoming album, ‘Actualisation’, to be released 19th October via Holy Are You Recordings

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