BLACK HONEY – ” Black Honey “

Posted: September 23, 2018 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Brighton, U.K., quartet Black Honey started releasing demos as early as 2015 and now they’re finally ready to bare their souls in the form of their debut record.  The first time I saw Black Honey perform live, it was more than three years ago. It has been an excruciating wait for their debut album to be released with every single dropped a temptress of a track building up the desire and excitement for this moment.  Friday 21st September was when it finally reached the ears of the world

The band’s cinematic pop/rock was born for a ballsy Tarantino or Spaghetti Western flick due to frontwoman Izzy Bee Phillips’ glossy, saucy pop vocals and lead guitarist Chris Ostler’s sleazy outlaw riffs. While tracks like “Dig” and “Hello Today” fall into this surreal, dreamy rock sound, the band’s most recent offerings, “Midnight” and “Bad Friends,” depict their venture into disco and hi-fi ’80s pop . It was a perfect piece of promotion to choose to go with Midnight as the big release before the album as that sound of pop and dirty rock is the motif of the album.  For those who like a reference point, I will say for you to imagine Katy Perry fronting Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. This is indie/alternative club sex music that has something for everybody.

Either way, their tantalizing, velvety new record’s entrancing sassiness will kick you down with a shiny silver boot and its inherent pop sweetness will give you a redemptive kiss on the cheek.

Black Honey, the debut album released 21st September:

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