RORY GALLAGHER – ” Who’s That Coming “

Posted: July 23, 2018 in MUSIC
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“Who’s that Coming?” — from Irish Tour ’74. Can anyone resist tapping their foot to this?

Irish Tour ’74 is such a good record, it’s the sound of a real live record, there’s nothing processed here. It’s a great example of the electric guitar player as band leader. All the band members are glued around him, the music isn’t being driven by the drums. His band are really really good, his bassist, Gerry McAvoy, is perfect. This is the sound of a band playing together every night, it’s powerful without being really loud and really distorted. He was a fan of The Byrds and Love and you can hear a couple of poppy hooks in there. He wasn’t musically blinkered. He saw merit in everything. It was liberating.”

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