COWBOY JUNKIES – ” All That Reckoning (Part 1) “

Posted: July 19, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The Canadian Cowboy Junkies made slowcore before the term was invented. They have now existed for more than twenty years and their music still sounds as provocative as titillating. Cowboy Junkies was founded in 1985. The big breakthrough followed in 1988 and was mainly due to the great success of their debut album ‘ The Trinity Sessions ‘, in which especially their covers by Lou Reed and Hank Williams were praised.

Cowboy Junkies have revealed that their new album “All That Reckoning” it will be their first release in six years released on July 13th. All That Reckoning, have just released a second video and song entitled “The Things We Do To Each Other”. Take a look and let us know what you think.

“Fear is not so far from hate, so if you get the folks to fear, it only takes one small twist to kick it up a gear.”…know what I mean? You should also check out brother Pete’s video for the title track of the album while you are in the watching mood.There is lots more music to come, so please stay tuned. We hope to see a lot of you on the road in the coming months. “Welcome to the age of disillusion,” sings Margo Timmins toward the beginning of All That Reckoning, 

“The Things We Do To Each Other” is from the Cowboy Junkies new album All That Reckoning releasing on July 13, 2018.

The Junkies’ stock in trade is the ease with which they navigate the mysterious terrain of human intimacy and longing, yet here they are, bearing witness to our collective anxieties with their usual solemn gravitas. It might be a slight stretch to say that this is their take-it-to-the-streets punk rock record—they’re too regal, too elegant for anything so mercenary, preferring instead to comment from a vantage point of weary and hard-won wisdom—and yet, it may be the most aggressive Cowboy Junkies album yet, as visceral and emotionally direct as anything they’ve ever done.

All That Reckoning pulses with rock and roll energy: “Sing Me a Song” pushes into the red with brawny riffs and a thunderous backbeat, Margo’s distorted vocals fighting to be heard amidst the din. “All That Reckoning Part 1” and “When We Arrive” both nod toward early-’90s alt-rock with woozy bass pushing through electric guitar strumming. And even when the songs are slow, as they often are, they still tend to sound oceanic: “The Things We Do to Each Other” starts folksy but roars in the end, while “Wooden Stairs” updates the Trinity Session quietude with a swirl of dissonance and minimal piano plunking. By the time the spare, acoustic “The Possessed” shows up to close the album—the most featherweight song here, and the most in-character for the Junkies—it feels like a massive sea change.

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