VERSING – ” Silver Dollar “

Posted: July 10, 2018 in MUSIC
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Versing2 connerlyons

Hardly Art Records is pleased to announce that Seattle riffers Versing have officially joined the roster. The four-piece has been turning heads in the city for the past two years with their taut and brainy take on Northwest rock, and today they’ve shared “Silver Dollar,” a digital single that constructs a narrative around the social injustice of so-called “affluenza.”

This Seattle-based band should have a slew of positives that should be attached to their name. The latest signing to Hardly Art Records mines post-punk, alt pop and shoegaze to create their newest single “Silver Dollar,” a droning number with an attached VHS-style video that recalls James, Catherine Wheel, latter-era the Clean and early XTC in one fell swoop. Heavy guitars are a tell for the band’s previous endeavors, but they never take precedent over the group’s overall melodic focus despite the song’s twisted subject matter — a privileged individual guilty of hit and run who expects to get away with it due to social status.


“Silver Dollar” is a new digital single from Seattle band Versing.

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