LUCY ROSE – ” Somethings Changing ” (Remixes)

Posted: July 6, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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For those of you who’ve been with me from the beginning you’ll know that I’ve always loved getting remixes done ever since my first EP of Middle Of The Bed.

I’ve made one more video for you too, to go with JMAC’s remix of Strangest Of Ways. Another spontaneous shoot where I stopped the car after crossing the border into Austria on my European tour and then asked my husband Will Morris to film it for me.
It was quite surreal listening to the remix in this awesome landscape. My dear friend George Cotterhill edited it together for us. This is the final message regarding my remix project.
It was just an idea to start with, where I wanted to get friends and musicians I loved to remix some of my songs, mainly because I was hoping something would come out of it that you would enjoy.

Today the whole remix record comes out and there’s a huge variety and range of music on there for you.

Official video for ‘Strangest of Ways (JM∆C remix)’ taken from ‘Something’s Changing’ (Remixes) out July 6th


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