CULTURE ABUSE – ” Bay Dream “

Posted: July 2, 2018 in MUSIC
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Culture Abuse / Nothing cover - New Noise Magazine Issue 41

The Culture Abuse / Nothing flexi features an exclusive track from both bands (listen below), and is included with the flexi version of New Noise Magazine Issue #41.

Culture Abuse will be releasing their new album Bay Dream tomorrow, June 15th, through Epitaph Records. Don’t think the lead singer of Culture Abuse is wasted. In fact he has cerebral palsy. “They think I’m fucked up no matter what,” says David Kelling, “so I’ll just act like I’m partying to make people more comfortable.” Kelling explains that cerebral palsy, a condition that reduces muscle strength and motor skills, “affects everything” in his life. People stare at him on the street, he learned to play the guitar with his fingers because he can’t hold a pick.  Kelling’s disability affects his movement on the right side of his body – he walks with a limp and often finds it hard to get on and off stage. The band supported Green Day at Hyde Park, last year and have now planned an extensive UK tour later this year. Kelling writes all the band’s music, which he has previously described as “the Clash and the Ramones mixed with some Nirvana”,

“Each of the 4,500 frames was printed out and 400+ hours went into folding, drawing, spray painting, tearing, taping and manipulating each page, and then it was all scanned back in and edited together. This is an incredible piece of work that we’re all so stoked to share with you guys!! Make art with your friends, it’s a lot of fun!” – Culture Abuse

Culture Abuse from the album ‘Bay Dream,’ available now

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