CULTURE ABUSE – ” Bee Kind To The Bees “

Posted: June 25, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Culture Abuse, the San Fransisco band who play ratty garage-punk with ridiculously strong melodic hooks, The band’s 2016 debut album Peach was an under-the-radar monster. They’ve collaborated with Wavves a couple of times, a combination that makes a lot of sense. They also just got off tour with Turnstile and Touché Amoré, and that combination makes sense, too. Their music works just fine for moshing, but it’ll rattle around in your head all day, too.

Culture Abuse are part of the Epitaph roster now, and their new album Bay Dream is released very soon. They issued a earlier single “Calm E,” which is good. And now they’ve shared another new song called “Bee Kind To The Bees,” which is even better.

“Bee Kind To The Bees” is a sharp, polished piece of driving, guitar-centric power-pop. If it existed in the age of ’90s alt-pop radio, it might’ve turned Culture Abuse into Better Than Ezra. But as catchy as it might be, it has a messy lovable-loser thing going for it, too.

“Bee Kind To The Bugs” by Culture Abuse from the album ‘Bay Dream,’ available now

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