SAINTSENECA – ” Pillar of Na “

Posted: June 23, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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We’re thrilled to announce our new album Pillar of Na which will be out August 31st on ANTI- Records.

The first song “Frostbiter” and had this to say about it: “For Saintseneca, fatalistic gloom blends seamlessly with a kind of playful sprightliness: Zac Little’s songs often simmer in a sad swirl of death and esoterica, but his deadpan ruminations are buoyed by the sounds of exotic instruments, candy-colored pop hooks and many points in between.”

I think of this song as a big tree trunk in the woods where people carve their messages – initials, jokes, “I love you” hearts… It is a work of accumulation. A little space absorbing traces of its environment over time. Every mark corresponds to a different story. Some of them are mine. Some belong to others, yet feel all too familiar. – Zac

Also! We’re touring like crazy. The full US tour has been announced with UK, Europe,


Releases August 31st, 2018

Zac Little: vocals, guitar, 12 string, baritone,
mandola, bouzouki, synth, bells
Jon Meador: synths, vocals, piano, mellotron,
various keyboards, guitar
Matthew O’Conke: drums, aux percussion,
Steve Ciolek: guitar, vocals, 8 string bass,
hammered dulcimer, marxophone
Caeleigh Featherstone: bass, vocals,
hammered dulcimer
Mike Mogis: synth, guitar
Maryn Jones: vocals
Susanna Gilmore: violin
Elizabeth Furuta: violin
Brian Sherwood: viola
Paul Ledwon: cello
Megan Siebe: cello, violin
Carlyn Hendler: flute, piccolo flute
Miwi La Lupa: bass trumpet
Leticia Wiggins: flute

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